Sweater: Thrifted  Jeans: Old Navy  Boots: Madden Girl by Steve Madden  Watch: Gifted  Jewelry:Sundry

I’m very silly, and I will admit, sometimes corny. My post title popped in my head when I thought about how some of you may feel….those of you who have missed me 🙂 I’ve missed you all a great deal. I feel horrible for not having made any posts. Honestly I haven’t had anyone to take my pictures, and I don’t have a camera with a tripod 😦  Plus I actually like some one else physically taking the photos. I think it makes them better. Any how, I think I’m rambling now, because I haven’t typed up anything in so long.

This pic was snapped weeks ago during a girls day. It was the perfect time to wear my grandpa sweater. I made this shoot short and sweet, but I have another quick post coming soon. Again, thank you all so much for stopping by. I’m very appreciative.