Today was beautiful. Our weather here in Atlanta has been quite pleasant. Not hot enough for spring wear, but warm enough to layer one less piece. I felt I was kind of pushing my luck with my ballet flats, because I actually could have worn a boot, but I didn’t want to. Plus I felt like my suede jacket and short sleeve turtle neck dress was enough. I spent the day running errands with my parents. My Dad got hurt at work, and is out on leave by doctor’s orders. I hate that he’s hurt, but I love having him home. *Giggles* even though he’s hurt, I still used him as my camera man….Does that make me a bad daughter? Naaah I don’t think so.

Well, tomorrow is Friday. I know many of you are happy. Unfortunately, that means work for me. But I hope you all enjoy your weekend. I hope its sunshine filled.

Dress: Old-Who knows  Leggings: Dots  Shoes:Target  Jacket: Old Navy  Chain Purse: Aldo  Sunglasses: Vintage Ray-Ban  Earrings: Express