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Joe's Jeans "Lilly" wedge

I am so in love with wedges, and I always have been. But I absolutely adore a shoe that is generally comfortable all day. Its practical for shopping excursions, brunch, dinner, church, you name it. I first spotted the JJ “Brenda” platform, in black, on Karla of Karla’s Closet. I was awed. Then a couple of days later, Karen of Where Did U Get That, posted about her purchasing the brown pair. Here are a couple of pair I would love to get my hands on…or should I say, get my feet in: Joe’s Jeans “Brenda” platform here,  here and here and Joe’s Jeans “Lilly” wedge.

I hope everyone has been having a fabulous summer. The heat in Atlanta has been deathly, but it is the south; so it’s expected. Stay cool and let me know what you have going on this summer.

Joe's Jeans "Brenda" Platform

Joe's Jeans "Brenda" Platform