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Yesterday we attended what I consider to be a family affair. One of my brother’s best friends that I’ve known since I can remember tied the knot to his beautiful bride. The ceremony was filled with love; and the Dunaway Gardens were gorgeous.

I was extremely excited to attend a fall wedding. Expecting sunlight with a bit of a chill. However, it turned out to be sunny and over 80°. Though I absolutely love black, I wanted to take advantage of it being am outside day time wedding; so I opted for some color.

Well great people. It’s the start of a new week so let’s make the best of it. I start training for a new job on Tuesday, so I’m super excited! Bare with me on post, for I have no clue what my leisure time will look like.

Have an awesome week!

❤ Lina

Dress: UK Style by French Connection. Booties: Banana Republic. Tights: DKNY. Clutch: Old Navy. Jewelry: Sundry









Though I adore fall and winter fashions, I am not quite ready to make the transition. I just haven’t wrapped my head around it; which is why getting dressed is mad difficult. I’m accustomed to cut offs & tee shirts and that’s not really conducive to this weather…but eh. What can I do?

So today didn’t go as planned, for I wanted to do absolutely nothing, but rest up. Needless to say, I still didn’t do ALL I needed to, but those abandoned have now been divided over the next few days…However. I did spend some time with my bestie. We did a little (I mean little) retail therapy, and then had dinner. Good times as always.

Guess I need to get ready for this weather. Nothing I can do about it, but embrace it 🙂 Have a good night beautiful people!

Shirt: Dad’s Skirt: Forever 21 Scarf: D.I.Y’d Boots: Doll House Earrings: Express Jewelry: Sundry