I am a 22 year old from Fayetteville, Ga (suburbs of Atlanta) following wherever my heart may lead.  I recently graduated with a BBA in marketing with a minor in management from Columbus State University.

I have been blessed with so many talents and desires that I sometimes get overwhelmed on where to begin in my journey to a career. I can honestly say that I have always had an infatuation with the fashion industry; but was not aware that it would play such a role in my life and career until after high school.

In grade school I was taught to sew well enough to make home décor and mend certain clothing items. I have yet to develop my sewing skills into designing clothes, but I aim to get there. Sewing lead me to love interior design and the art of decorating any space.

Blue Jean Clouds is my space, as well as yours, to express and discuss the most creative joys in life. I thank you for your support and appreciate the time we will share on this road called life.

Remember, NO day is guaranteed, so give it all you got!

~Lina D.