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Black Eyed Peas

I know that the Black Eyed Pea album “The E.N.D.” (The End Never Dies) has been out since June, but I have officially fallen in love with the album and will be purchasing it today! Riding in the car, the other day, I heard the new single “Meet Me Halfway.” I loved it from the first few bars. Today while paroozing¬†the web and blogging to you lovely people, I saw that they have a video for “Meet Me Halfway.” I love BEP and this song, so it was no surprise I would adore the video. I hope you all enjoy it as well.

*Click on Album Cover to view video

Black Eyed Peas -The End


Chloe Lace-Up Wedge BootI may be late on discovering this beauty of a boot, but I am in love. This Chloe Lace-up Wedge Boot is to die for. I want them oh so bad! Paired with jeans and a tee, or a sweater dress with stockings…they could so be my everyday footwear of choice. I know you all might be getting bored with my boot obsession, but you’ll just have to get over it! ūüėČ

Chloe Back View, Chloe Top View

Michael Kors Multi Zip Boots

Ugh…so I finally found these boots! I was blog surfing one day, as usual, when I heard the mention of multi zip boots. I was floored. I searched for awhile, but had no luck. Well low and behold I was web browsing some clothing sites (like I needed to be looking) and I found these ultra FAB boots. They are functional, as well as sexy. If you can’t get with these babies then…..well I don’t know what to say to you.

They are priced for a pretty penny of $891.00 and can be yours, because they can’t be mine…(See:¬†Boots, Boots, & Boots‚Ķ.Did I Mention¬†Boots?! ) FAB FAB functional! functional!

Seafoam Reeboks, Slate Gourmets, and Violet Reeboks

Seafoam Reeboks, Slate Gourmets, and Violet Reeboks

I was sitting around the other day and thought to myself ¬†“Man, I don’t show enough love to my fellas.” ¬†I adore fashions of both sexes, so it is only right that I do more for my guys. I ran across some kicks that I thought you all might like, so I decided to share. Though kicks are year round footwear, it’s now fall. Every girl is running around feigning for their fall footwear fix, so I’m sure you fellas are doing the same. So, let me know what you think or if you have already had your eyes set on any of them.

*If you have found some hot kicks of your own or a wish list pair, share! I would love to do a post for you!

Denim Blazer Mid Premium and Dunk Hi Premiums

Denim Blazer Mid Premium and Dunk Hi Premiums

Mmm I would mess this up in the winter :o)

Mmm I would mess this up in the winter :o)

I enjoy randomly searching different desginers and seeing what they have to offer for the current season. So I was browsing today and found this lovely sheepskin patchwork shearling coat from Matthew Williamson’s winter collection. This coat intrigued me, because I am in an attempt at expanding my outer wear collection for this fall and winter season. However, I do not have over $5000 dollars to spend on this particular coat, but I will let you know how my expansion venture is coming as I add more pieces. TTYS

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons when it comes to footwear. I am obsessed with boots, however I get a little discombobulated when it comes to purchasing a pair, because I was blessed with more than the average calf. I die to own so many pairs of FAB boots, but I have yet to find a designer that creates hot boots in extended calf widths, so I decided to share some of the MANY pairs I would own IF I could. My solution to this problem…design boots for us more than average calf gals…and not those hideous boots you find when searching extended calf. So here are a few delicious pair I have found. If I could put EVERY pair I liked, we would be here for eternity. Hope you enjoy :0)

If you’re a boot lover like me or have run across a FAB pair, share with us. Post the link and Ill create a post especially for your favorite boots.


*If anyone knows where to find some FAB extended knee high boots, PLEASE let me know. I would also like to thank those who still stopped by Blue Jean Clouds in my¬†absence. Next time I’ll try not stay away so long. TTYS!