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After having to get SO many ppl together today, (car service company, and airport personnel) and within two hours; it is time to go! Adios NY. It’s been real.

We took one last stroll down the streets of Brooklyn to grab food before our flight. Found a nice little diner we enjoyed very much.

Anywho. Home sweet home is where we touch down next, and it’ll feel so good 🙂

P.S. I have no clue why my Fanta is in almost every photo…guess I got them some free advertising.

Dress: H&M Bag: Forever21 Shoes: Montego Bay Earrings: Thrift Rings/Watch: Sundry


Today was our last full day in NY, and it was bitter sweet. We had been so tired from the last few days, we chose to sleep in. We spent the remainder of the day in East Village falling in love with all the sites & things to do. Tomorrow we wrap up, and fly out in the evening. It’s been fun, but reality awaits.

Between our activities & the weather, today turned out to be perfect for my maxi skirt! Kept it simple, and layered a couple of tanks with it. Also, decided to wear my 2-finger ring I scored yesterday during our shopping trip… I’m such a klutz; I’ve already cracked one of the gems on mistake. But hey, can’t cry over spilled milk, right?

Well I’m off to relax. Hope everyone is having an awesome week!

Tanks: Love Culture & M.H. Skirt: Pea in a Pod Shoes: Marshall’s Necklace: JcPenny Earrings: Express & Ross Bag: United Colors Rings: Sundry Watch: Ross

Italian Ice

Italian Ice

So today was shopping day in Soho. I got some great finds, but the rain really put a damper on the ease of maneuvering through the streets. But it’s NY, so what can you expect?….

Picked up this aqua blue skirt from the Calypso St. Barth collection for Target before we left for vacation. I thought it was fun, and the pattern along the bottom is so pretty. If you know me by now, you know I am a skirt girl. So it was only right to purchase it. Plus I own nothing like it.

Well. I’m off to bed now. We actually stayed in tonight to rest up for whatever tomorrow may hold 😉 Later!

Tank top: Banana Republic Skirt: Target Belt: Dad’s Bag: United Colors Shoes: Gap Jewelry: Sundry

New York city has been good to me thus far. Just wanted to share with you some sights, good eats, and of course fashions!

Today was chill for the most part. Our bike ride through Central Park was awesome. We had so much fun.

It was supposed to rain, but we only got a few sprinkles. This royal blue tule rosette shirt gave me feminine flare for my laid back attire. It all worked out perfectly for the bike ride, because that definitely wasn’t planned lol

Tomorrow is shopping day with big sis! I’m so excited…. Well off to get myself together, and see what the night shall hold. Be back soon!

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Little sis & bestie

Little sis & bestie

Her dress gave me so much life!

Her dress gave me so much life!

Vacation has been amazing!!! Had so much fun in Philadelphia hanging with family I haven’t seen in a long time.

Next stop NYC!…to see my older sister.

As you can see, I like traveling comfortably. Especially when 7 people are lugging around suitcases, taking trains, and have NO clue what you’re doing….I hope to have time to snap photos to share with all. If not…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Shorts: l.e.i DIY’d Tissue Tee: Express Shoes: Converse

I'm a little ridiculous

I’m a little ridiculous

So after a sleepless night & battling with myself on what I need & don’t need for our family vacation; we are finally boarded. 1st stop, Philadelphia.

I had no clue what I wanted to wear, but it turned out well. My trusty All Stars a simple romper & a headband.

I’ll be back shortly. Time for take off!!!! 🙂

*Romper: Express Tank: Rave Shoes: Converse*

My old faithfuls

My old faithfuls

Great minds think a lot

Great minds think a lot