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I hope everyone had a wonderfully blessed Christmas. My day was filled with family and lots of laughter, so I had an awesome time.

Happy Holidays to You, Your Family, & Friends!

Blouse: Express Skirt: Gap Tights: Target Pumps: Sarah-Jayne Earrings: Dots  Jewelry: Sundry


Sitting on the couch, assured that I’m about to be crawling into bed soon, when my friend text me asking to attend a birthday event with her. I don’t have to work early in the morning, so why not. She informs me that not only is it a birthday party, but its a charity event for abused children, and is supposed to be formal. So, immediately I am thinking of what I will wear. Remember I told you I went thrifting….well I bought this awesome velvet dress; and was pleased to have it to wear last night! So I acted fast…figured out what footwear, and had to move quickly to shorten the dress. I am only 5’7, without long legs, so shorter things work out better for me. To say the least, everything came out wonderfully, and I had a nice night.

Christmas is only days away…is everyone ready? I haven’t done any shopping :/

Friday night, we need food! So, my Dad sends me out to grab dinner, and a few things we need from the grocery store.

My bestie and I did some thrifting last week, and we stumbled across this blazer that we absolutely adored. Also purchased some other great finds that I hope to share with you later…..I’m excited for our next thrifted outing.

*Jeans: NY & Co.  Tee: Walmart  Scarf: D.I.Y  Belt: Target  Boots: Target  Bag: Ashley Stewart  Jewelry: Sundry*

Wow….it’s been a long time. I did not mean to be away this long. Honestly, hadn’t planned on being away, but I’m here now 🙂   I actually had an opportunity to have a few pics snapped before the girls and I headed out to a poetry event the other night. We had a good time. It has been deathly cold so early in the season, so my Melina boot (one of my favorite purchases I’ve made within the last year…or couple of years for that fact) has been a big help.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season!

**Shirt: Express  Jeans: Old Navy  Vest: Target  Boots: DKNY DIY chained  Clutch: Miscellaneous  Jewelry: Sundry**

My sister’s friend, Lauren was the picture snapper for the day, so she is the ONLY reason I even have a picture from Thanksgiving. We had to make a stop at the gas station, so Lauren decided it was a perfect photo opp. I was kind of out of the picture taking mood by the time we left the house (which is why I’m just now putting up anything), because I had to make a last minute wardrobe change…but that’s life. I got over it, of course.

Brother Justin and sister Kerri

**Skirt: DIY  Shirt: Dad’s  Belt: Dad’s  Tights: Nordstrom Rack  Boots: Banana Republic  Necklace: JcPenny  Sunglasses: Vintage Ray Ban  Watch: gifted**

Lauren and Kerri

Kerri, Akuba, and Justin