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So we didn’t make it to the premier for The Hangover 2, but the day was well spent none the less. No sense in wasting a day away just because your plans fall through. So the girls, and I, headed to one of our favorite stylish eateries for tapas and cocktails. We had a good time spending the day together in a few of our go-to hang-out spots.

I’m pretty sure I am getting bored with my closet: nothing fits right, I don’t want to put on half of it…ugh. I don’t want to do frivolous shopping either. So, I think its time for a closet evaluation. I found this beaded shirt that I haven’t worn in ages. My bestie called it an oldy, but goody, so I guess it worked out. I have no clue why I am not looking at the camera in any of my shots. Maybe I was camera shy yesterday. Hmmm…

Well I hope your Tuesday was amazing, and your Wednesday will be even better.


Skirt: Gap  Shirt: Lubi  Shoes: Nicole Miller for Khols  Jewelry: Sundry Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

I realized that never take pictures before going out into the night life. It was the end of my birthday week so it was only right that a few awesome friends and I go out and have a good time…It was a great time.

I apologize for only knowing where my shoes and and lace shirt come from. I’m just a person that likes what I likes, and will turn anything into I want it to be. Which is exactly what happened this night lol

I hope everyone has an awesome week, but I will be back very soon; for I have a movie premier to attend. Can you guess what movie?

Dress: Finagled Mom’s old threads   Lace Shirt: D. Mat   Belt: Dad’s   Shoes: I.N.C   Necklaces: Gifted   Bangles: Sundry   Earrings: Thrift’d

Yesterday was my birthday. Worked, and then spent the night with some of my best buds. Though I am sleep deprived beyond belief, the celebrating must go on. It’s too beautiful to stay inside. So the girls and I are headed skating, and then dinner. Hope everyone is having an amazing day 🙂

Romper: Target  Belt: Dad’s  Shoes: Qupid  Jewelry: Gifted