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Yesterday we attended what I consider to be a family affair. One of my brother’s best friends that I’ve known since I can remember tied the knot to his beautiful bride. The ceremony was filled with love; and the Dunaway Gardens were gorgeous.

I was extremely excited to attend a fall wedding. Expecting sunlight with a bit of a chill. However, it turned out to be sunny and over 80°. Though I absolutely love black, I wanted to take advantage of it being am outside day time wedding; so I opted for some color.

Well great people. It’s the start of a new week so let’s make the best of it. I start training for a new job on Tuesday, so I’m super excited! Bare with me on post, for I have no clue what my leisure time will look like.

Have an awesome week!

❤ Lina

Dress: UK Style by French Connection. Booties: Banana Republic. Tights: DKNY. Clutch: Old Navy. Jewelry: Sundry









So I get one day a week off from both of my jobs. I usually try to use it to sleep, but not today. I know realize that there are no more off days for me. There are errands to run, business to conduct, and people to see. It keeps me busy, so I my mind doesn’t get consumed with nonsense; so that’s a plus. So met up with the bestie for a meeting about a project, ran errands, and now home for a bit before my dinner plans.

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter yesterday!….and yes I ironed my shirt lol

Blouse: Express  Jeans: Old Navy  Shoes: Allen Schwartz  Earrings: Thrifted  Jewelry: Sundry

So, I was stupid exited to be able to actually put on some real clothes. I started a 2nd job a couple of weeks ago, and I have been in uniforms, and work clothes for weeks on end; Hence, not having anything to post about…. I will say that having beautiful weather in Atlanta has meant a lot. A friend of mine invited me over for a family bbq, so after working for a few hours, I was more than happy to throw something on, and mingle.

I hope you all have been doing wonderful. Tomorrow starts a new week, but it’s another week we are allowed to experience, so let’s be grateful for that. I had an awesome Sunday, I hope you did as well!

Monday was a long day, but very well spent. Most of the day was spent taking care of business, and the rest of the day with two of my besties. As you can see, these photos are of awesome quality. My friend’s camera provokes me to upgrade my camera a little more urgently than planned. I’m trying not to spend my tax return, before I even receive it; but there are many NEEDED items on my list.

Well it’s late, must be up early again. Goodnight, and I hope the rest of your week is amazingly blessed.

Shirt: Dad’s  Jeans: Old Navy  Belt: Dad’s  Shoes: Nicole Miller for Khols  Necklace: Given  Jewelry: Sundry

Today was beautiful. Our weather here in Atlanta has been quite pleasant. Not hot enough for spring wear, but warm enough to layer one less piece. I felt I was kind of pushing my luck with my ballet flats, because I actually could have worn a boot, but I didn’t want to. Plus I felt like my suede jacket and short sleeve turtle neck dress was enough. I spent the day running errands with my parents. My Dad got hurt at work, and is out on leave by doctor’s orders. I hate that he’s hurt, but I love having him home. *Giggles* even though he’s hurt, I still used him as my camera man….Does that make me a bad daughter? Naaah I don’t think so.

Well, tomorrow is Friday. I know many of you are happy. Unfortunately, that means work for me. But I hope you all enjoy your weekend. I hope its sunshine filled.

Dress: Old-Who knows  Leggings: Dots  Shoes:Target  Jacket: Old Navy  Chain Purse: Aldo  Sunglasses: Vintage Ray-Ban  Earrings: Express

Sweater: Thrifted  Jeans: Old Navy  Boots: Madden Girl by Steve Madden  Watch: Gifted  Jewelry:Sundry

I’m very silly, and I will admit, sometimes corny. My post title popped in my head when I thought about how some of you may feel….those of you who have missed me 🙂 I’ve missed you all a great deal. I feel horrible for not having made any posts. Honestly I haven’t had anyone to take my pictures, and I don’t have a camera with a tripod 😦  Plus I actually like some one else physically taking the photos. I think it makes them better. Any how, I think I’m rambling now, because I haven’t typed up anything in so long.

This pic was snapped weeks ago during a girls day. It was the perfect time to wear my grandpa sweater. I made this shoot short and sweet, but I have another quick post coming soon. Again, thank you all so much for stopping by. I’m very appreciative.

I have yet to ever post of a chill day…or should I say, me with sneakers on. Was going out for a Red Box run…it was blistering cold, but having fun always wins. I have had these Chuck Taylors for years now; and I absolutely love that they are all leather, and chocolate.

Jeans: Old Navy  Tee: Express  Hoodie: Target  Jacket: Target  Shoes: Converse  Scarf: Old Navy

Wow….it’s been a long time. I did not mean to be away this long. Honestly, hadn’t planned on being away, but I’m here now 🙂   I actually had an opportunity to have a few pics snapped before the girls and I headed out to a poetry event the other night. We had a good time. It has been deathly cold so early in the season, so my Melina boot (one of my favorite purchases I’ve made within the last year…or couple of years for that fact) has been a big help.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season!

**Shirt: Express  Jeans: Old Navy  Vest: Target  Boots: DKNY DIY chained  Clutch: Miscellaneous  Jewelry: Sundry**

A series of warm rainy days began on Monday. The day I was heading out of town to see family, friends, and to simply get away. I originally planned to leave early Monday morning, but took advantage of the AM rain, and slept in a little longer. I also decided to take advantage of the cool winds the rain brought…so I opted to get some wear out of one of the many cardigans that I own. Layering is my favorite part of fall, but with this Ga weather, you never know if its going to be too hot to layer; or so cold you need a coat. These booties are from Banana Republic last winter, and I adore the shade of grey; and the dark wood wedge. Speaking of wedge, I’m on the hunt for a suede mid-calf wedge bootie. So if anyone runs across one, please let me know 🙂 Well, I hope everyone is having an awesome week.

P.S. I’d like to give thanks to my Dad, who has become my go-to “photographer” when I need a quick pic or two.

Jeans: Old Navy Tank Top: Banana Republic  Cardigan: Target  Booties: Banana Republic  Jewelry: All gifted

Last Friday I had the pleasure of being scheduled OFF! I haven’t seen a Friday off in quite some time. Though I was actually a little under the weather for the latter part of last week (somewhat of a reason I’ve been absentee for awhile), I ended up putting my off day to good use. An acquaintance of mine has a birthday next month, so we spent all day Friday finding her ensembles for her birthday weekend. My Dad was gracious enough to snap a few quick pics for me, right before heading out the door.

I try not to stick to mass market retail, if  I don’t have to. So, we ventured out to some new places, and it turned out to be very beneficial. We ended up finding her 2 dresses that she loves; so that made me happy. Out next outing will be for shoes and accessories…the fun stuff.I had quite an eventful week, but I like it that way. I hope you all had an awesome week, and have another to follow.

Shirt: Dad’s  Jeans: Old Navy  Belt: Rite Aid (Emergency PurchaseShoes: Rachel Roy  Bag: Ross  Earrings: Express  Rings & Bracelets: Sundry  Moon Pendant: Gifted