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So fall is literally just around the bend. My anxiety has been ridiculous. I get this way towards the end of every summer. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons of fashion (though I adore dresses in the summer). So I have a list of things I really want to take me into fall, but shoes have been my obsession. Every time I go into a store, or do my online browsing, I go straight for footwear. So I have quite a few pairs from I would LOVE to get my hands on….and this is just ONE online store. So imagine the plethora of others I have viewed, as well as yet to see!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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Browsing around the web and stumbled across these beauties. A vintage pair of nude encrusted slingbacks from the 80s. If only I could wear a 6.5…I could only dream. They are darling. I would pair them with a dress, skirt, or pant. Basically, you wouldn’t be able to get me out of them. So, if this find intrigues you, journey on over to Nasty Gal and grab them up. There are also some other nice pairs of vintage finds you might like. Take a look! If anyone indulges, email me pics.

It’s Friday. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Fall Must Have: Fringe

These days  I automatically go for contrast and texture when getting dressed. Sequins, printed leggings, and design stockings have been simple ways to give ordinary outfits a little pizazz.  For those of you who have been dying to add some intriguing pieces to your wardrobe, but had no idea of what to add, today is your lucky day. I have gathered 4 categories of fall must haves where you can choose to indulge in 1 piece, or all!

I hope you all enjoy and find something that excites you; because I believe fashion should always excite you. Happy shopping and let me know if you think the fall must have list is missing a trend.


Fall Must Have: Allover Sequins

Fall Must Have: Printed Bags

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Michael Kors Multi Zip Boots

Ugh…so I finally found these boots! I was blog surfing one day, as usual, when I heard the mention of multi zip boots. I was floored. I searched for awhile, but had no luck. Well low and behold I was web browsing some clothing sites (like I needed to be looking) and I found these ultra FAB boots. They are functional, as well as sexy. If you can’t get with these babies then…..well I don’t know what to say to you.

They are priced for a pretty penny of $891.00 and can be yours, because they can’t be mine…(See: Boots, Boots, & Boots….Did I Mention Boots?! ) FAB FAB functional! functional!

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons when it comes to footwear. I am obsessed with boots, however I get a little discombobulated when it comes to purchasing a pair, because I was blessed with more than the average calf. I die to own so many pairs of FAB boots, but I have yet to find a designer that creates hot boots in extended calf widths, so I decided to share some of the MANY pairs I would own IF I could. My solution to this problem…design boots for us more than average calf gals…and not those hideous boots you find when searching extended calf. So here are a few delicious pair I have found. If I could put EVERY pair I liked, we would be here for eternity. Hope you enjoy :0)

If you’re a boot lover like me or have run across a FAB pair, share with us. Post the link and Ill create a post especially for your favorite boots.


*If anyone knows where to find some FAB extended knee high boots, PLEASE let me know. I would also like to thank those who still stopped by Blue Jean Clouds in my absence. Next time I’ll try not stay away so long. TTYS!

Christian Louboutin Bridget Strass

I am so in love with Christian Louboutin right now. He creates such beautiful shoes. These “Bridget Strass” Louboutin pumps were worn by J. Lo at the VMAs, but I was so taken back by her choice of dress, that I did not catch these beauties…and believe me, I’m upset about it. These gorgeous creations have been spotted on Khloe Kardashian, Scarlett Johannsen, Leelee Sobieski, and will be worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the Sex in the City sequel. I love texture and contrast, so these Bridget pumps are right up my alley. I first saw and fell in love with the gold pair, but then saw the leopard pair and wish to have both. The leopard pair can be purchased from Barney’s for $1795.

bridget strass leopard

Oo la la

Oo la la

These ultra studded Givenchy zipper sandals are FAB and the beauties are studded everywhere except the soles! The sandals feature a zipper up the front of the shoe with a loop handle . If you aren’t in love with these, I don’t know what to say to you. The sandals are priced at $1,350.00 and are the reason they are on the wish list. As soon as I run across 1300 lying around, they will be owned *wink*

*For purchasing and more views, visit

top stella

Sheer is one of the many raves of the fashion world, so I think it is only right that mesh sandals be the rave of footwear. The trend setting designer, Stella McCartney, has designed this sexy mesh sandal just for you. I think this shoe is super sexy, and can be paired with a dress for a night on the town or a pair of jeans while you run errands. The shoe also comes in an ash rose that I find to be as equally seductive as the black pair…and we all know that’s rare!

If you’re interested in purchasing, you can do so here:

stella togetherash rose


Kids are back in school and some of you need relief from this summer sun. Well, not so fast. When it comes to metallic footwear, they usually have to be special for me to care anything about them. With that, gold is probably the hardest to adore at first sight, but feast your eyes on these stud and knot sandals by Matt Bernson.  Details are my weakness, and these studs and knots are absolutely adorable. What I also love is that they can be worn until the weather changes!


These second featured beauties are a pair I found when I browsed Mr. Bernson’s site….love both, but these are sexy. BTW: They’re out of stock, so I must not have been the only one who thought 😉


Shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, and SHOES!!!


So many of us adore the plethora of styles of footwear we are being offered to fawn over and presumably purchase, but may not know the hundreds of brands, what style, where to buy , or when the best time is to buy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some of us are simply just impulse shoppers or immediately know what we’re looking for. Well ladies, I have exciting news for all of you. Kim Kardashian has created a business designed to provide you with your own team of personal stylist… for shoes!  Shoe Dazzle. The team of stylist will offer 5 pairs of shoes for you to choose from for $39 a month.  Now we all know that $39 is a reasonable price to pay for a pair of shoes when there are $100 (and over) pairs of shoes on the market. With this service you’re able to build your wardrobe with a guarantee of variety and with little effort. The great part about it is that you are able to decline a pair in any given month without being charged!

I highly recommend you stop by there and check it out…it’s at least worth perusing.

If anyone joins please feel free to come and share your experience.