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Guess what!? Fall has arrived! I’m super excited. I’m just hoping the weather stays nice for a while & doesn’t turn into blistering cold days. I say this because I enjoy dressing as I did on this post. Had a lunch date planned so I chose a dress with a sleeve for the cooler weather and opted for my new favorite boots. Ran across these babies a couple of weeks ago, and where them every chance I get. I’m in love ūüôā

Today we also remember & pray for those lives lost on September 11, 2001. Also for the families of those lives. May God be with them all.

Dress: Target   Boots: Target   Earrings: Express  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban   Jewelry: Sundry


So, I was stupid exited to be able to actually put on some real clothes. I started a 2nd job a couple of weeks ago, and I have been in uniforms, and work clothes for weeks on end; Hence, not having anything to post about…. I will say that having beautiful weather in Atlanta has meant a lot. A friend of mine invited me over for a family bbq, so after working for a few hours, I was more than happy to throw something on, and mingle.

I hope you all have been doing wonderful. Tomorrow starts a new week, but it’s another week we are allowed to experience, so let’s be grateful for that. I had an awesome Sunday, I hope you did as well!

On Monday, my sister, and I began our day early with a trip to the gym; then spent the rest of the day running around town. It was such a beautiful day. I cannot express how happy I am to have Spring show itself. Our weather here in Atlanta tends to jump for blistering cold, to deathly hot. I am in hopes that Spring will stay around; at least until May.  I received this handmade bag as a gift for interning with, the accessory company,  SEEN Global. I think the detailing is awesome and its just enough room inside to hold my essentials for being out and about.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

Today was beautiful. Our weather here in Atlanta has been quite pleasant. Not hot enough for spring wear, but warm enough to layer one less piece. I felt I was kind of pushing my luck with my ballet flats, because I actually could have worn a boot, but I didn’t want to. Plus I felt like my suede jacket and short sleeve turtle neck dress was enough. I spent the day running errands with my parents. My Dad got hurt at work, and is out on leave by doctor’s orders. I hate that he’s hurt, but I love having him home. *Giggles* even though he’s hurt, I still used him as my camera man….Does that make me a bad daughter? Naaah I don’t think so.

Well, tomorrow is Friday. I know many of you are happy. Unfortunately, that means work for me. But I hope you all enjoy your weekend. I hope its sunshine filled.

Dress: Old-Who knows  Leggings: Dots  Shoes:Target  Jacket: Old Navy  Chain Purse: Aldo  Sunglasses: Vintage Ray-Ban  Earrings: Express

If you live in Atlanta, you know that last week was enjoyed by some, hated by many. Being confined to your home for close to a week, due to snow, is NOT anything any of us are accustomed to. I will admit, I was a little antsy come the third day. However, it was time well spent with family. I was off Friday so I was so happy to get out of the house, and meet a friend for lunch.  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Tank: TjMaxx ¬†Jacket: Target ¬†Wind Breaker: Dad’s ¬†Cargos: Charlotte Russe Belt: Misc. ¬†Boots: Dot’s ¬†Sunglasses: vintage Ray-Ban

Earrings: Express  Jewelry: Sundry

This year, for my birthday, I had the pleasure of sharing the day with my Mom. My birthday tends to fall on Mother’s Day every so often; but I don’t mind it. My family and I took a trip to Columbus (Ga), where my Dad is from, to spend Mother’s Day with my grandmother as well. It was a beautiful day filled with love and lots of hot weather, so a few (I say that loosely) pictures were in order. Sunday’s already speak “pretty” and “carefree” to me, so my birthday and Mother’s Day meant all the more¬†feminine beauty. I picked this dress up earlier in the week at Target for a steal. I saw it and immediately thought it would be fitting for the dual tasked day. I was also sold when I remembered the¬†turquoise braided belt I ¬†had just purchased, and knew it would add a little spice to the dress.

I know you all are used to my afro, but I tried something new. I originally planned on taking the twist out for a curly afro, but decided to keep them. I pinned them up and added a gold butterfly pin for an extra touch. I needed something that made me feel pretty without taking my hair down. It took me quite some time to get used to it because I am used to having what feels like a foot of hair standing on top of my head.¬†¬†The oh so cute girl in the pics is my 19 (almost 20)¬†year old sister, Kerri. She’s so fashionable that many times I wonder where she came from. She’s the light of my life and she’s home for the summer so this should be fun. Stay tuned for our adventures ūüôā I hope you all had a wonderful day showing your moms the appreciation they deserve everyday; for putting up with us lol TTYS

Dress: “Liberty” -Target ¬†Belt: Thrifted ¬†Sandals: Gap ¬†Rings: Gifted ¬†Bracelets: TjMaxx (years ago) ¬†Earrings: (Hoops-Miscellaneous) (Pink jewel heart studs- Dillards) ¬†Sunglasses: Vintage Ray Bans

{Kerri Wore} Trousers: Express  Tank: Miscellaneous  Jacket: Old Navy  Belt: Dockers  Shoes: Steven Madden Oxfords  Headbands: Borrowed from me  Bracelets: Sundry

Another beautiful day in Atlanta while I ran around for a bit, with my besties, looking for DIY materials. Georgia weather can be very tricky. The sun can shine high and bright, then disappear like it was never out. So dressing during the spring months can be a little challenging. However, I do like spring, because I enjoy layering. I sneak into my parent’s closet very often, to see what I can incorporate into my wardrobe; or my ensemble for the day. My bestie says I’m lucky I have the ability to borrow (most times have) pieces from my parents…I couldn’t agree more ;0)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!

Yellow Tank Top: Macy’s ¬†Cardigan: Mom’s ¬†Belt: Dad’s ¬†Pleated Skirt: Mom’s DIY shortened ¬†Stockings: Spanxx ¬†Socks: Dad’s ¬†Booties: Banana Republic ¬†Sunglasses: Vintage Ray Bans ¬†Earrings: a mall store years ago