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Though I adore fall and winter fashions, I am not quite ready to make the transition. I just haven’t wrapped my head around it; which is why getting dressed is mad difficult. I’m accustomed to cut offs & tee shirts and that’s not really conducive to this weather…but eh. What can I do?

So today didn’t go as planned, for I wanted to do absolutely nothing, but rest up. Needless to say, I still didn’t do ALL I needed to, but those abandoned have now been divided over the next few days…However. I did spend some time with my bestie. We did a little (I mean little) retail therapy, and then had dinner. Good times as always.

Guess I need to get ready for this weather. Nothing I can do about it, but embrace it ūüôā Have a good night beautiful people!

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Yesterday was my goodbye to summer (I’m late, so sue me).¬†For some strange reason, I felt my ensemble reminded me of Malibu Barbie. lol Georgia weather is crazy; as usual this time of year. Cool one day, and hot the next. My mind is on layer mode, but it has still been too warm, and humid to go full blown fall wear. ¬†However, I spent the day how I like to spend my off days: up early, business handled, pamper time (ie mani/pedi), shopping, and hanging with some of my favorite people.

Took advantage of Missoni being at Target & Mango at JcPenny. Picked up some nice pieces. I’m excited!

I have a long weekend ahead, but I hope everyone has had an awesome week thus far.

Happy hump day!

Shirt: Forver21 ¬†¬†Skirt: ¬†Mom’s DIY shortened ¬†¬†Shoes: Xhiliration ¬†¬†Earrings: Express ¬†Jewelry: Random

Last night’s 82nd Annual Academy Awards red carpet was filled with gorgeous women in some of the most¬†glamorous gowns. Honestly, I don’t know if I have a favorite, or even 2 for that matter. Hollywood’s elite pulled out all the stops last night, and it paid off well. There were a plethora of strapless gowns, accompanied by¬†asymmetrical¬†and embellished shoulder gowns. The color pallet ranged from hues of blue, to golden beauty, with ¬†a splash of dazzling crimson glory. I have found a few looks for less that you can gather for a night on the town, a special occasion, and even prom (for my younger¬†lovelies).

I wonder who Rachel Zoe styled. I ask this, because I know she styles Cameron Diaz and Anne Hathaway (who was MIA, and oh so missed…I love her red carpet beauty). Zoe is set to air a new season of her show, so I’m excited to see if the Oscars will make any of the season’s episodes. Below are my finds that I felt were fabulous for one reason or another. Let me know who your favorites were.