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Though I adore fall and winter fashions, I am not quite ready to make the transition. I just haven’t wrapped my head around it; which is why getting dressed is mad difficult. I’m accustomed to cut offs & tee shirts and that’s not really conducive to this weather…but eh. What can I do?

So today didn’t go as planned, for I wanted to do absolutely nothing, but rest up. Needless to say, I still didn’t do ALL I needed to, but those abandoned have now been divided over the next few days…However. I did spend some time with my bestie. We did a little (I mean little) retail therapy, and then had dinner. Good times as always.

Guess I need to get ready for this weather. Nothing I can do about it, but embrace it ūüôā Have a good night beautiful people!

Shirt: Dad’s Skirt: Forever 21 Scarf: D.I.Y’d Boots: Doll House Earrings: Express Jewelry: Sundry


Yesterday was my goodbye to summer (I’m late, so sue me).¬†For some strange reason, I felt my ensemble reminded me of Malibu Barbie. lol Georgia weather is crazy; as usual this time of year. Cool one day, and hot the next. My mind is on layer mode, but it has still been too warm, and humid to go full blown fall wear. ¬†However, I spent the day how I like to spend my off days: up early, business handled, pamper time (ie mani/pedi), shopping, and hanging with some of my favorite people.

Took advantage of Missoni being at Target & Mango at JcPenny. Picked up some nice pieces. I’m excited!

I have a long weekend ahead, but I hope everyone has had an awesome week thus far.

Happy hump day!

Shirt: Forver21 ¬†¬†Skirt: ¬†Mom’s DIY shortened ¬†¬†Shoes: Xhiliration ¬†¬†Earrings: Express ¬†Jewelry: Random

Guess what!? Fall has arrived! I’m super excited. I’m just hoping the weather stays nice for a while & doesn’t turn into blistering cold days. I say this because I enjoy dressing as I did on this post. Had a lunch date planned so I chose a dress with a sleeve for the cooler weather and opted for my new favorite boots. Ran across these babies a couple of weeks ago, and where them every chance I get. I’m in love ūüôā

Today we also remember & pray for those lives lost on September 11, 2001. Also for the families of those lives. May God be with them all.

Dress: Target   Boots: Target   Earrings: Express  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban   Jewelry: Sundry

Being silly as usual

Being silly as usual

Just another off day. Spending the day with a child hood friend. Just literally threw something on so I could get out the door. My new found loves Gap’s “Real Skinny” pant, paired w/ an old Crush graphic tee layered w/ an Express vest & my Rachel Roy wedges for texture.

And if you notice, I have new editions to my ring collection. So happy about it. I think I’m ok with my ring game right now. I’m sure I’ll add to it in the near future.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day!

Pants: Gap Tee: Who knows Vest: Express Shoes: Rachel Roy Earrings: Express Jewelry: Sundry

Dress: Express Tee: M.H. Sandals: Nine West Jewelry: Sundry Headband: Express

Dress: Express Tee: M.H. Sandals: Nine West Jewelry: Sundry Headband: Express

So I am forced to wear all black or black/white for my retail job (which is no fun). Tube tops are not allowed, so why not do some summer layering. I took a simple dress, and layered it with a lace tee for cute appropriate work wear!..Who said you couldn’t layer in the summer without burning up ūüėČ

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!

Express tank dress, Dad's corduroy vest, Xhiliration sandals, sundry jewelry

Express tank dress, Dad’s corduroy vest, Xhiliration sandals, sundry jewelry

Last minute invite to a cookout/house party, with only a bag full of pure randomness.

P.S. I apologize if these photos are intense (ie very large). Still trying out the WordPress app.

Hope everyone had a fun & safe Saturday!

Silliness in its raw form

Silliness in its raw form

So I get one day a week off from both of my jobs. I usually try to use it to sleep, but not today. I know realize that there are no more off days for me. There are errands to run, business to conduct, and people to see. It keeps me busy, so I my mind doesn’t get consumed with nonsense; so that’s a plus. So met up with the bestie for a meeting about a project, ran errands, and now home for a bit before my dinner plans.

I hope everyone had an awesome¬†Easter yesterday!….and yes I ironed my shirt lol

Blouse: Express  Jeans: Old Navy  Shoes: Allen Schwartz  Earrings: Thrifted  Jewelry: Sundry

So, I was stupid exited to be able to actually put on some real clothes. I started a 2nd job a couple of weeks ago, and I have been in uniforms, and work clothes for weeks on end; Hence, not having anything to post about…. I will say that having beautiful weather in Atlanta has meant a lot. A friend of mine invited me over for a family bbq, so after working for a few hours, I was more than happy to throw something on, and mingle.

I hope you all have been doing wonderful. Tomorrow starts a new week, but it’s another week we are allowed to experience, so let’s be grateful for that. I had an awesome Sunday, I hope you did as well!

My Sunday was beautiful, and it’s not even over yet! I started off with service, then the church moved over to Piedmont Park for “Service in the Park.” We had a great time. The weather was awesome, and I got to spend some Q.T. with my sister (we chose to foot it to the park from the church, instead of drive). My church is laid back when it comes to “dress code,” which came in handy for the day’s activities. I enjoyed my day running through the streets of the city in my Keds. Oh yeah!…I know you have seen the chocolate watch before, but I fall deeper in love with it every time I wear it. Just a¬†forewarning¬†that you will see it more often ūüôā

I hope everyone had a wonderful day, and an amazing weekend!

Shirt: Borrowed from Dad ¬†Cami: Rave ¬†Jeans: Old Navy ¬†Shoes: Keds ¬†Jacket: Dad’s ¬†Pin:Gifted ¬†Watch: “Scoop” Gifted ¬†Necklace: Gifted ¬†Earrings: Express ¬†Jewelry: Sundry ¬†Belt: Target

Went out to celebrates my cousin’s 31st birthday at D&B. We had a good time. Always filled with lots of laughs, and family time is always appreciated.

Dress: Ebay (no clue what store)  Sweater: Target  Tights: Nordstrom Rack  Boots: Lane Bryant  Spider Pin: Express  Earrings: Dots
Necklace: Gifted  Chain Purse: Aldo  Belt: Who knows  Rings/Bracelets: Sundry