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Yesterday we attended what I consider to be a family affair. One of my brother’s best friends that I’ve known since I can remember tied the knot to his beautiful bride. The ceremony was filled with love; and the Dunaway Gardens were gorgeous.

I was extremely excited to attend a fall wedding. Expecting sunlight with a bit of a chill. However, it turned out to be sunny and over 80°. Though I absolutely love black, I wanted to take advantage of it being am outside day time wedding; so I opted for some color.

Well great people. It’s the start of a new week so let’s make the best of it. I start training for a new job on Tuesday, so I’m super excited! Bare with me on post, for I have no clue what my leisure time will look like.

Have an awesome week!

❤ Lina

Dress: UK Style by French Connection. Booties: Banana Republic. Tights: DKNY. Clutch: Old Navy. Jewelry: Sundry









My sister’s friend, Lauren was the picture snapper for the day, so she is the ONLY reason I even have a picture from Thanksgiving. We had to make a stop at the gas station, so Lauren decided it was a perfect photo opp. I was kind of out of the picture taking mood by the time we left the house (which is why I’m just now putting up anything), because I had to make a last minute wardrobe change…but that’s life. I got over it, of course.

Brother Justin and sister Kerri

**Skirt: DIY  Shirt: Dad’s  Belt: Dad’s  Tights: Nordstrom Rack  Boots: Banana Republic  Necklace: JcPenny  Sunglasses: Vintage Ray Ban  Watch: gifted**

Lauren and Kerri

Kerri, Akuba, and Justin

A series of warm rainy days began on Monday. The day I was heading out of town to see family, friends, and to simply get away. I originally planned to leave early Monday morning, but took advantage of the AM rain, and slept in a little longer. I also decided to take advantage of the cool winds the rain brought…so I opted to get some wear out of one of the many cardigans that I own. Layering is my favorite part of fall, but with this Ga weather, you never know if its going to be too hot to layer; or so cold you need a coat. These booties are from Banana Republic last winter, and I adore the shade of grey; and the dark wood wedge. Speaking of wedge, I’m on the hunt for a suede mid-calf wedge bootie. So if anyone runs across one, please let me know 🙂 Well, I hope everyone is having an awesome week.

P.S. I’d like to give thanks to my Dad, who has become my go-to “photographer” when I need a quick pic or two.

Jeans: Old Navy Tank Top: Banana Republic  Cardigan: Target  Booties: Banana Republic  Jewelry: All gifted

Another beautiful day in Atlanta while I ran around for a bit, with my besties, looking for DIY materials. Georgia weather can be very tricky. The sun can shine high and bright, then disappear like it was never out. So dressing during the spring months can be a little challenging. However, I do like spring, because I enjoy layering. I sneak into my parent’s closet very often, to see what I can incorporate into my wardrobe; or my ensemble for the day. My bestie says I’m lucky I have the ability to borrow (most times have) pieces from my parents…I couldn’t agree more ;0)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!

Yellow Tank Top: Macy’s  Cardigan: Mom’s  Belt: Dad’s  Pleated Skirt: Mom’s DIY shortened  Stockings: Spanxx  Socks: Dad’s  Booties: Banana Republic  Sunglasses: Vintage Ray Bans  Earrings: a mall store years ago