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As I told you, my bestie and I had a get-a-way to visit a few friends. It was only a few days, but a much needed few days. Overall we had a great time. I LITERALLY did not want to leave the beach….they had to practically drag me away. I don’t know what it is about the beach, but I had to get there before the summer was out….Glad I made it. It was exactly what I needed to get me back on track.


Michael Kors Multi Zip Boots

Ugh…so I finally found these boots! I was blog surfing one day, as usual, when I heard the mention of multi zip boots. I was floored. I searched for awhile, but had no luck. Well low and behold I was web browsing some clothing sites (like I needed to be looking) and I found these ultra FAB boots. They are functional, as well as sexy. If you can’t get with these babies then…..well I don’t know what to say to you.

They are priced for a pretty penny of $891.00 and can be yours, because they can’t be mine…(See: Boots, Boots, & Boots….Did I Mention Boots?! ) FAB FAB functional! functional!

Mmm I would mess this up in the winter :o)

Mmm I would mess this up in the winter :o)

I enjoy randomly searching different desginers and seeing what they have to offer for the current season. So I was browsing today and found this lovely sheepskin patchwork shearling coat from Matthew Williamson’s winter collection. This coat intrigued me, because I am in an attempt at expanding my outer wear collection for this fall and winter season. However, I do not have over $5000 dollars to spend on this particular coat, but I will let you know how my expansion venture is coming as I add more pieces. TTYS

Out and About in the City

Out and About in the City

There has been talk that Rihanna and Chris Brown have been trying to take a vacay together, so their absense at last nights events made me wonder. That was until the photos surfaced that RiRi was in the city…out and about. She also attended the VMA afterpartys. I have not found out where Mr. Brown was for the evening as the VMAs were happening.

Mis Rihanna is working on her new album that is said to be angrier and edgier. Ne-Yo and RiRi have been in the studio and writing hit makers as well as Akon. Well then Miss RiRi, get to work, let your haters inspire you. Looking fab, as usual, on a NY Sunday. Was hoping to see you at the awards, but we have plenty of time for that!

I am working hard to get BJC up and running for your viewing. I want you all to know that I appreciate your support and my anticiaption is high as well.

Thanks again and we’ll be blogging soon!