Sitting on the couch, assured that I’m about to be crawling into bed soon, when my friend text me asking to attend a birthday event with her. I don’t have to work early in the morning, so why not. She informs me that not only is it a birthday party, but its a charity event for abused children, and is supposed to be formal. So, immediately I am thinking of what I will wear. Remember I told you I went thrifting….well I bought this awesome velvet dress; and was pleased to have it to wear last night! So I acted fast…figured out what footwear, and had to move quickly to shorten the dress. I am only 5’7, without long legs, so shorter things work out better for me. To say the least, everything came out wonderfully, and I had a nice night.

Christmas is only days away…is everyone ready? I haven’t done any shopping :/