My brother decided to treat his girls (his lady, my sister and I) to dinner last night. It was totally last minute, as it was past 7 when we were deciding whether to eat in, or go out. He ended up taking us to a quaint sushi spot, called Zuma; and the cuisine was awesome. We shared a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, Edamame to start with, and probably enough rolls to feed a small village. I’m only joking, but we did have quite a bit. So, I never get photos snapped when I’m going anywhere; so I had my sis-in-law snap a couple. I will give my disclaimer now…the battery on my camera was dying..and fast. It would only stay on long enough to MAYBE snap a photo, so I only have 2 photos that were captured in enough time. Also, the lighting in my house was horrible in some spots (ended up auto lightning one photo). I now know where NOT to take pictures.

I hope you lovely people enjoy the rest of your week. I am writing to you all, when I should be packing my bag (but that’s how much you all mean to me). My bestie and I are headed to Florida in the AM to see some friends of ours for a few days. Its a much needed get-a-way. So I will see you all when I get back! Adios 🙂

Dress: Daniel Benjamin  Belt: Pierre Cardier  Shoes: ABS by Allen Schwartz  Bag: United Colors of Benetton  Earrings: Random Bracelets: Sundry  Hair Ribbon: Hated it on a shirt I had from Target