A little over a month ago, I fell in love. In love with a pair of boots I had been dreaming and obsessing over all winter. A boot I could wear everyday, if I pleased, and wear with anything. I had searched high and low and even bought a pair of really cute boots from Steve Madden, but their sizing scale ruined it for me. One day on an outing while browsing through Macy’s I spotted them! Rugged in the most feminine way with classic style. The DKNY Melina boot was starring at me, waiting for me to love her. I knew that I loved this boot, but it wasn’t until the other day that I realized they were a part of me… I can count the days we have been apart. I hope you all had a shoe this winter that you loved…or still looking for. Don’t feel bad about still looking. Many places are having great deals on boots right now.

The pics below are nothing worthy. Just some quick out of town shots a week ago. Out of town w/ fewer clothes than your stay= borrowing. Was on my way to grab a bite. Hope everyone is enjoying warmer weather wherever you are.

Shirt: Express Men’s  Leggings: Macy’s  Earrings: Express  Necklace: Urban store in mall  Bracelets: African bead from friend, multi-band wrap Christmas gift  Ring: Gift from friend  Boots: DKNY