I feel horrible that I promised at the beginning of the new year that I was going to be better about posting. However, there has been so much on my brain. Working on getting businesses up and running, and trying to gain a grasp on exactly where I want to take Blue Jean Clouds. Being a college grad with hardly a sense of where I should be, or what I should be doing is rough. Well, enough of that.

Image: geniusbeauty.com

For all you polish lovers, OPI (my fav) has introduced a spring line based on Disney’s Alice and Wonderland (which I am psyched to see). I have got to have the “Mad as a Hatter” shade. Its fabulous. Plus, I don’t own anything like it. Let me know what shade you can’t wait to have, or if you want them all ;0)

Image: geniusbeauty.com

Thanks So Muchness

Mad as a Hatter

Absolutely Alice

Off with Her Red

* Also, Sephora by OPI is advertising their new spring metallic line, as well as Sally Hansen for their “Complete Salon Manicure”- 5 salon steps in 1 bottle. ¬†Featuring 45 shades. Enjoy!