As it was released back in October of 2009, the Kardashian’s were teaming with Bebe to launch a clothing line. Now, you all now that I adore the Kardashians (forget what everyone else thinks), but I was just as anxious as I was nervous at the thought of the line. There have been so many celebrity collaborations with well known labels, designers, and department stores that I get nervous. I mean, I honestly do not think everyone should “design” a clothing line; but then again, no one asked me ;0)  I was blog surfing when I came across a sneak preview of the Kardashian line on The Recessionista. I know I shouldn’t judge the line based simply on a dress and a top, but I believe that one garment is capable of displaying quality, at the least. As I said, I adore the beautiful women and humorous reality stars, but I am hoping that the girls (and BeBe) have really concentrated on stamping their names on something worthy. I’m sure they have, I’m just ready to see the finishing products and prices already!