Fall and winter are my favorite seasons when it comes to footwear. I am obsessed with boots, however I get a little discombobulated when it comes to purchasing a pair, because I was blessed with more than the average calf. I die to own so many pairs of FAB boots, but I have yet to find a designer that creates hot boots in extended calf widths, so I decided to share some of the MANY pairs I would own IF I could. My solution to this problem…design boots for us more than average calf gals…and not those hideous boots you find when searching extended calf. So here are a few delicious pair I have found. If I could put EVERY pair I liked, we would be here for eternity. Hope you enjoy :0)

If you’re a boot lover like me or have run across a FAB pair, share with us. Post the link and Ill create a post especially for your favorite boots.


*If anyone knows where to find some FAB extended knee high boots, PLEASE let me know. I would also like to thank those who still stopped by Blue Jean Clouds in my absence. Next time I’ll try not stay away so long. TTYS!