jayz at press

On August 31st Jay-Z held a press conference announcing he would be putting on a concert as a charity fundraiser for the 9/11 anniversary.  The concert entitled, “Answer the Call,” will be held on 9/11 at Madison Square Garden. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, September 8th, and will cost $50. Jay wants to give back to those who answered the call first, many of those being NYPD and the NY fire department.  The proceeds of the concert will be donated to the New York Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund.

As we all know, Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 is scheduled to hit stores on 9/11. The artist will perform some of his new material from the album, and might even feature surprise guests. WOW! If I were living in NY right now, you could definitely count on seeing me there. You can’t beat the experience of buying the album and attending the concert…and for under $70!! I am so excited that Jay has decided to give back for 9/11, in such an awesome way!

Now, being who I am, I had to speak on Mrs. Carter. Just as we all expected, Beyonce was present at the press conference in support of Jay and his cause. Beyonce wore a black 3.1 Philip Lim tiered zipper skirt with an almost sheer black tank. I have heard some critics say the skirt is not a good fit for her, but I beg to disagree. B, as always, was appropriately dressed for the occasion and not overly trendy, so kudos to her; and Jay was stylistically ready for the press conference as well. I find the couple to complement one another very well. It was recently said that the couple does a date night once a week at a Brooklyn pizzeria. Well of course, NO ONE can live happily with all work and no play. We know this duo prides itself on personal privacy so this detailed information could only be retrieved by the one and only Ms. Oprah herself.

Overall, Jay and B are always two steps ahead and doing things B-I-G…I’m not mad at all, it’s my motivation!