Shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, and SHOES!!!


So many of us adore the plethora of styles of footwear we are being offered to fawn over and presumably purchase, but may not know the hundreds of brands, what style, where to buy , or when the best time is to buy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some of us are simply just impulse shoppers or immediately know what we’re looking for. Well ladies, I have exciting news for all of you. Kim Kardashian has created a business designed to provide you with your own team of personal stylist… for shoes!  Shoe Dazzle. The team of stylist will offer 5 pairs of shoes for you to choose from for $39 a month.  Now we all know that $39 is a reasonable price to pay for a pair of shoes when there are $100 (and over) pairs of shoes on the market. With this service you’re able to build your wardrobe with a guarantee of variety and with little effort. The great part about it is that you are able to decline a pair in any given month without being charged!

I highly recommend you stop by there and check it out…it’s at least worth perusing.

If anyone joins please feel free to come and share your experience.